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Blakeney Church

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Blakeney Church

The Church Tower - Stunning Views over Blakeney

Church Tower – Blakeney Church


Blakeney Church has two stunning towers, one of which is accessible by foot and provides panoramic views of our beautiful community and coastline.

Blakeney Church Tower

Our Church Tower – when we are allowed to reopen the tower …..

We will be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10.00am to 4.00pm for visitors to climb and enjoy the incredible view of our parish. There are 137 steps to the top in total so we suggest that no visitors with a heart condition or a fear of heights embark on the climb.

There are a maximum number of 10 people able to climb the tower at any one time, whilst we must also suggest that no children under the age of 5 make the venture up the tower. It is also suggested that children aged 5-14 are accompanied by an adult to avoid accidents.

If you would like to visit the Church tower outside of the aforementioned days or arrange a group visit please contact the Benefice Adminustrator at the Benefice Office to find out about alternative times.

About The Tower

Blakeney Church is fortunate enough to be in possession of two glorious towers. This not only marks the church out as unique in the local area, but can provide church visitors with unparalleled view of Blakeney’s beautiful surroundings.

The late Church historian Richard Butler-Stoney suggests that at the time of the church’s construction, the entrance to the harbour would have been situated opposite Cley. He maintained that by lining up both towers in your field of vision, you would have been guide through the channel between the sand banks.

It is thought that the East Tower may have been created to house a single bell that would announce the consecration of elements in the Communion Service. It sits atop of the oldest part of the Church and is a testament to the “Early English Decorated” style of architecture. The West Tower is in-keeping with the 15th century history of the church’s main body and stands proudly at a lofty 104 feet high as a prominent and familiar feature of Blakeney’s landscape.

Blakeney Church Tower View